The First Chapter: a year in review and what's to come next

The First Chapter: a year in review and what's to come next

The Story of Woman podcast is nearly one year old! In this rare solo episode, I reflect on the close of the first chapter of the podcast, and I also talk about what’s to come in 2023. This year we’ve been highlighting the work of some incredible non-fiction writers whose work focuses on the subject of women. From medicine to myths, authority to advocacy, and weddings to the workplace, their books are brilliant, and we’ve loved sharing our conversations with you.

In 2023, Season 2 will be a little different, and will focus on changemakers: the women making change happen in their workplaces and communities around the world. Follow us to make sure you don’t miss this series, as we’ve got some exciting episodes coming up - including a conversation with the one and only Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton! 

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