S1 E18. BONUS: A Compilation of Storytellers

S1 E18. BONUS: A Compilation of Storytellers

Mary Ann SiegartMary Ann SiegartContributor
Katrine MarçalKatrine MarçalContributor
Gina RipponGina RipponContributor
Farida D.Farida D.Contributor
Elinor CleghornElinor CleghornContributor
Leslie KernLeslie KernContributor
Katrina MajkutKatrina MajkutContributor
Asha DahyaAsha DahyaContributor
Koa BeckKoa BeckContributor
Virginia MendezVirginia MendezContributor
Lucy LeonelliLucy LeonelliContributor

The authors we feature come from a huge range of sectors and industries, but they all have one thing in common: they’re using their voices to create societal change, and that change means elevating the role and the story of woman. In this special episode, we’ve compiled past interview responses to the podcast’s recurring questions:

  1. What does feminism mean to you - 5:40
  2. What is the story of woman to you - 10:50

We’d love to hear your take on these questions, and on the topics we discuss with our authors and contributors! Send in YOUR voice note responses and there could be another episode compilation featuring listeners from around the world! Send them to thestoryofwoman@gmail.com, or by getting in touch through the website or social media.

Today we're featuring the voices of:

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