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 Season two sponsors

Values Leadership Consults exists to be catalysts for the cultural transformation of organisations. Founded by Veronica Linares, they are born from a belief that as leaders evolve and transform so will the organisations they lead and the world around them.

Their clients are passionate leaders who want to lead authentically, inspire others, and make a difference in the world. Leaders who want to build the best companies for the world and therefore put human beings and the planet at the centre of what they do and how they do it.

Whether individually or as teams, their clients find in a trusted partner with whom they can develop their self-awareness, connect with their values and purpose and ultimately lead from a higher level of consciousness.

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 Past supporters...

The Trouble Club is a female-led members club that hosts the finest voices on everything from politics to fiction. They all happen to be women. It's a special society where women and men can learn from different speakers at talks, discussions and intimate dinners. They are here to enliven your mind, to expand your circle of friends, and to build a society of smart and engaged people.

What's more? They recently had Gloria Steinem as a speaker! As well as other incredible women like Laura Kuenssberg, Elif Shafak and Baroness Lady Hale.

Visit The Trouble Club website to learn more.

And be sure to u
se the code STORY25 to get 25% off all Trouble ticket sales and membership payments!

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Official Collaborators

  • Kristine Beese from Untangle Money - creators of financial plans designed specifically for women.
  • Dr. Julie Alig from JLA Analytics - your data's talking, are you listening?
  • Joanna Cummings, Editor of The Grub Street Journal - the magazine for people who make magazines.
  • Veronica Linares from Values Leadership Consulting - transforming mindsets to put humanity and the planet at the heart of leadership.
  • Jill Quigley from The Giving Grove: Little Orchards. Big Impact… a nationwide network of little orchards. 

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