Season two teaser - The Story of Woman: Changemakers, How Women Make Change Happen

[00:00:00] Hillary Clinton: There's a difference between having and exercising rights and having an exercising power.

[00:00:10] Anna: Welcome to season two of The Story of Woman, the podcast that explores what living in a man's world means for the rest of us. I'm your host, Anna Stoeckein.

[00:00:20] Anna: While the road to equality is long and uncertain, there's one known factor that's key for achieving it: women.

[00:00:28] Cherie Blair: I am very convinced about the strength of women and their power.

[00:00:33] Anna: This season, we explore change and how women make it happen. I'll be speaking with women who are at the top of their industries leading the way, including a first time ever double interview with former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Barrister, entrepreneur and business leader Cherie Blair.

[00:00:51] Hillary Clinton: It's not just the stereotypical assumptions about credit, it's about women. It's about who we are, [00:01:00] how we express ourselves, how we fit into the mental images of what a woman is supposed to, or not.

[00:01:07] Cherie Blair: People literally say women aren't good with money and I dunno who they think has been managing their household finances for, you know, I mean literally hundreds of years.

[00:01:19] Anna: You'll also hear from Afghanistan's youngest ever female mayor, women who have started global mass movements, been awarded the Noble Peace Prize, launched multimillion dollar companies, brought home gold at the Olympics, and are saving the planet. Through it all we'll hear about their own journeys, driving change.

[00:01:37] Hillary Clinton: Trading stories about what it was like to be in the spotlight as a woman married to a president, or married to a Prime Minister, and all that came with that because it is not easy.

[00:01:50] Anna: We'll explore how far womankind has come and what lies ahead.

[00:01:54] Hillary Clinton: It's a mixed story and we can't ever deny the progress because we have to keep [00:02:00] building on it. We have to keep lifting it up. We have to make sure that people know it's possible, but we have to go at that with our eyes wide open.

[00:02:07] Anna: And we'll discuss practical ways to join in and continue passing the torch.

[00:02:11] Cherie Blair: There is now such a momentum, such a number of women who've now have tasted what it's like to be able to make your own choices. Having done that, we're not going to give it up that easily.

[00:02:24] Anna: Because when it comes to change, it's not just the accomplishment itself that matters, but also the light you shine behind you that continues the progress on, and we could use a few more lights in this moment.

[00:02:37] Anna: So be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcast and I'll see you there.

[00:02:43] Cherie Blair: What's the problem with women's arms?

[00:02:47] Hillary Clinton: It's the first step on the road to prediction, you know, those poor men, they can't control themselves if they see an arm. I mean, god forbid.

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