S1 E23. Woman and Fairy Tales & Greek Myths: Karrie F & Jonathon P, Gender Swapped Fairy Tales / Greek Myths

S1 E23. Woman and Fairy Tales & Greek Myths: Karrie F & Jonathon P, Gender Swapped Fairy Tales / Greek Myths

In this episode of The Story of Woman, I chat to not one but TWO amazing authors, Karrie Fransman and Jonathon Plackett about their books, Gender Swapped Fairy Tales and Gender Swapped Greek Myths

Fairytales and Greek Myths have been told and re-told for thousands of years, but never like this. Taking these well-known stories that form the archetypes we still see today, Karrie and Jonathon make one vital change - they swapped all the genders. This simple change created characters and stories never seen before, and shine a light on the gender binaries in language, the roles we adopt and the stories we've been telling our children for generations.

Some topics of discussion include:

  1. Where the inspiration for this idea came from
  2. The binary-busting characters and worlds these books create
  3. How these stories illuminate existing power imbalances
  4. The books’ importance, especially for boys and men with the lack of empathetic and nurturing male figures in mainstream narratives
  5. An urgent call to action for creators to make more stories like this!

And more!

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Transcription is available here

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  • Gender Swapped Fairy Tales: US | UK
  • Gender Swapped Greek Myths: US | UK

Mentioned in the episode:


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