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[00:00:00] Elinor: The story of women is an extraordinary story that sits beneath what we're all told is history. 

[00:00:06] Anna: Welcome to The Story of Woman, the podcast, exploring what a man-made world looks like when we see it through her eyes. Woman's perspective is missing from our understanding of the world. This podcast is on a mission to change that. I'm your host, Anna Stoecklein Lau, and each episode, I'll be speaking with an author about the implications of her absence, how we got here: 

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[00:00:28] Mary Ann: We assume a man knows what he's talking about until he proves otherwise. Whereas for a woman, it's all too often the other way around

[00:00:34] Elinor: Women's bodies had to be spun as inferior because we do contain too much power. 

[00:00:39] Leslie: An average male body is taken as the standard around which all sorts of designs are made

[00:00:47] Katrine: When women invent or do something, we just refuse to see it as technology

[00:00:53] Anna: What still needs to be changed:

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[00:00:55] Gina: There's no such thing as a female brain 

[00:00:57] Paula: We teach our sons to be confident. We teach our daughters to be perfect

[00:01:00] Krystale: Women are responsible, right? It is your job to make sure pregnancy doesn't happen. Just like it is your job to make sure that the dishes are clean at the end of the day.

[00:01:10] Anna: And how telling her story will improve everyone's next chapter:

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[00:01:14] Katrine: We are innovating with at least one hand tied behind our backs and, what could happen if we cut that rope

[00:01:20] Mary Ann: I think we need to stop punishing ourselves for the way the world treats us. Don't blame yourself, blame the system

[00:01:28] Elinor: We've been silenced around our bodies for too long and we should always have the opportunity to celebrate what they are, what they can do, how they can feel.

[00:01:34] Farida: No matter how small the step you take, take it, every little step counts and we can all make a difference in our own ways.

[00:01:41] Anna: And while we're telling woman's story, this podcast is for everyone. Men there's even a recurring section for you exploring everything you stand to gain in a more equal world..

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[00:01:52] Katrine: We are denying people, both men and women, the experience of the full extent of what it means to be human

[00:01:59] Mary Ann: In more gender equal relationships, Men are twice as likely to say they're satisfied with their lives, half as likely to be depressed, much less likely to get divorced. They drink less, smoke less, take fewer drugs, and here's the absolute clincher: they get more frequent and better sex.

[00:02:16] Anna: in season one, we'll be looking at medicine and healthcare, innovation in the economy, the myth of the female brain, navigating the tricky waters of authority as a woman and much more.

Through it all there'll be ways to learn from other listeners. And also to tell your story, because adding woman's perspective back into our narrative, is the only way we will finally change the story of mankind to the story of humankind.

So be sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts. And I will see there.

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[00:02:47] Asha: The story of woman is still unfolding. It's not a singular journey and we are all on it together. And each of us has the power to write parts of that journey. We're an army now. So let's all do it and change the world together. 

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