S1 E15. Woman and Unbiased Parenting: Virginia Mendez, Childhood Unlimited

S1 E15. Woman and Unbiased Parenting: Virginia Mendez, Childhood Unlimited

Virginia MendezVirginia MendezGuest

In this episode, I talk with gender equality champion Virginia Mendez about her book, Childhood Unlimited: Parenting Beyond the Gender Bias

From films and books to toys and clothes to the language we use, our world is extremely gendered, making raising a child beyond the limitations placed on them by gender incredibly difficult. Virginia breaks down what gender bias is, how the stereotypes we absorb from the earliest days perpetuate it, and what can be done to raise kids beyond these limitations.

Some topics of discussion include:

  1. Stereotypes, and how films, books, toys and clothes perpetuate the gender bias
  2. The importance of simply being aware
  3. Examples of how Virginia raises her two children
  4. Why it all matters - for girls, boys, trans kids and society as a whole
  5. Small steps to start overcoming the bias today

And more!

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